The Great Movie Music Quiz AFTER PARTY

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This is a replay of the live broadcast with Reel Film Rebels, Brian Kraut, Allegra Tepper, Colt Smallwood, Kalen Blayke, Simondo, Hannah Russell-Goodson, Ashley Faria, christen starcher, Jamie Hulse, kath quinn, JimmyBirds, Kevin Cao, Davon, Sonjou, and Frederick L. Anderson

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433 Responses

  1. we will be starting shortly, we’re gonna give it a few minutes populate

  2. well then don’t unlock the seat for 30 seconds

  3. I’m not very happy with my movie swap

  4. thems the breaks, brian!

  5. k hold on let me open my window

  6. Welcome @BTBishops !

  7. hows it going everyone

  8. @BTBishops welcome!

  9. @BTBishops what’s going on. welcome

  10. hey I want this lol

  11. Where’s join the seat?

  12. thank you simondo

  13. it says Call In to me

  14. No idea what it is haha

  15. nice!!!! love the scream audio

  16. This sounds like music from a movie with a forest in it.

  17. It sounds familiar

  18. I don’t have a webcam Simon, that an issue?

  19. @britanymetz get in here!

  20. Can’t go on camera at work ;( Maybe next time πŸ˜‰

  21. Welcome @JimmyBirds !

  22. Welcome @JimmyBirds !

  23. @hannah its Jim From GGI

  24. Looking to get my personal profile in here.

  25. I keep passing out at my computer

  26. @reelfilmrebels @TheSimondo We need to get you Blab swag for the winners on here

  27. @hannah prob has to wait until january, but yeah x)

  28. that would be amazing!

  29. I mean isn’t it everyone’s dream to get on a game show?

  30. stop talking let us hear

  31. I was going to guess that too Brian

  32. can you restart it

  33. ok it’s a French movie isn’t it

  34. It was over I could not jump in the seat anymore

  35. Thanks for joining @iJanieJones !

  36. He is just loving that song.

  37. and it was in Lotr too

  38. they say ass to mouth in clerks 2

  39. @BrianKraut so horrifying so memorable

  40. #stillonschindlerslist

  41. #stillonschindlerslist

  42. I don’t know this but I like it

  43. I just want to actually get good at this.

  44. Thpought that was the avengers

  45. I so didn’t mean to hit go on air sorry lmaoo

  46. Didint he say capt. America Diff film right?

  47. like those people who practice forever to be jeopardy champions

  48. Guess I am wrong

  49. Where’s Danny Elfman when you need him?

  50. @JimmyBirds Simon said captain America cause. I pointed to him. I said the avengers

  51. @Scootah_84 me too πŸ™‚

  52. @hannah love that movie

  53. @hannah is only one winning Bling for this…lol

  54. Is the Quiz “Great” or are the movies “Great”??

  55. “not saying I know it… but I totally know it” lol

  56. hard to c with phone

  57. dammit I click Brian to give him hearts and when he gets X’d out my typing has me join lol sorry

  58. Sounds like there is magic in this movie.

  59. well at least the one I got was Disney lol

  60. Major motion pictures right?

  61. beside the fans questions can I make my own?

  62. So glad this kind of counts as work. But I have other things to get done before the end of the week. Sigh–thanks for sucking me in, it was fun. πŸ™‚

  63. please get this right

  64. and for the acrobatics, Brian – 9

  65. ask the audience

  66. That was hilarious

  67. πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

  68. lol this was awesome

  69. Brian’s phone died

  70. Jimmy is the new GoldenPigeon

  71. hey mike how u doin πŸ˜‰

  72. this needs narration

  73. πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

  74. @KalenBlayke awww

  75. lol don’t worry I’m jk his phone died unfortunately.

  76. do we give u questions live on Blab?

  77. i will give u guys a run for ur movie money

  78. for example. twilight questions .D

  79. I don’t like you guys anymore

  80. vampires don’t exist period

  81. vampires don’t exist

  82. so glittery ones are acceptable damnit

  83. How obscurecan the questions be?

  84. I’ve got to head off guys, great show tonight. Simon let me know when your next show is on and I’ll come watch!

  85. hell yes Simon!!!!!!!

  86. need some kiss my ass music

  87. Zombies are Vampires

  88. Kalen just rage quit

  89. Take care guys, Merry Christmas everyone!

  90. oh snap crackle and pop no u didn’t

  91. amazing as always!!

  92. that’s what makes it so great. because it’s not simple !

  93. fuck that Christmas is Christmas

  94. It’s not the amount of music, it’s the number of movies..

  95. with cuba gooding jr?

  96. No xmas moozack

  97. what?! that sounds so sad!

  98. it just went back on

  99. Says off record here on blab @TheSimondo

  100. simon why do you get to see star wars early?

  101. Gremlins is an xmas movie.

  102. wait I walked away. I had to get Brian some tissues. he’s still crying.

  103. it’ll still ruin it. I won’t be attending ✌🏽️

  104. yeah don’t look on the Internet AT ALL

  105. he said “rage quit!”

  106. Ronda rousey would tear you apart, Simon

  107. cause they r British

  108. The Falcon does a drive by on the Borg Cube…then gets assimilated.

  109. love all u guys xxxxxxxxxxxx

  110. @That_Ronald_guy booooo

  111. Mike is full of it

  112. Welcome @nicolinico !

  113. Brit & Southern USA women ! luv the accents

  114. Thanks for joining @guitarjoe68 !

  115. wonderful but difficult

  116. My mum moved here from Ireland, I’m a 1st generation Canadian.

  117. the French however

  118. the bloody french are so ever so fabulous

  119. The people that are still “worshiping” the monarchy…

  120. but i love them still

  121. ugh. technical difficulties

  122. Maybe change the Blab title… no quiz question , for about an hour..

  123. kick their arses

  124. bloody hell i am blocked

  125. Rhonda should apply for a o linebacker NFL… She is ripped.

  126. @quinn_kath that’s so weird!

  127. Move yer cam kevin

  128. Kindergarten….. my 1st German word I learned.

  129. Columbia is a goddess

  130. Ever seen a movie from Columbia studio ?

  131. Start now Kevin !

  132. Right on man !

  133. arts culture drama theatre the future

  134. @quinn_kath join in

  135. @disneymarvelfan what’s up man

  136. She’s standing NYC

  137. @mypiclife Joe! Long time no see!

  138. @elliep70 I know how’s the new laptop?

  139. @mypiclife Awesome! I can look at people in the eyes now LOL

  140. @elliep70 lol I have yet to experience this hahaha

  141. @mypiclife in time…in time πŸ™‚

  142. I can’t hear anything

  143. I forgot my headphones haha

  144. this is Eddie Izzard for those who don’t know

  145. Welcome @AllegraCeline !

  146. i’m new here, is this happening live?

  147. @AllegraCeline no a recording

  148. @AllegraCeline try again

  149. Where is the booze here? It’s Friday night.

  150. &pm Saskatchewan time.

  151. who hasnt seen the lion king?!?!?!?

  152. @jordofthepies Simon hadn’t

  153. @PatternsOnWalls OMG

  154. @jordofthepies now he has lol

  155. movie Silent Running

  156. movie French Connection

  157. I’ve heard of people that haven’t seen Star Wars

  158. Thanks for joining @GuruRandell !

  159. Book 4 was the best HP book

  160. movie the original Longest Day

  161. movie Warren Beatty / Faye Dunaway Bonnie & Clyde

  162. movie the original The Longest Yard oops

  163. Made in like 1970 something B & W lol

  164. Look at that production value…

  165. CGI steals jobs from actual people that created those special effects.

  166. Computers aren’t always the best choice,.

  167. Lord of the Rings

  168. A movie I haven’t seen

  169. I did not hear that answer.. please type it.

  170. My 1 guess was right.

  171. I will not win a post 1980 Disney movie music trivia game.

  172. Disney star wars too.

  173. Ron isn’t always right.

  174. @4neodesigns I totally was digging ur office party atire

  175. storming tomorrow πŸ’¦βš‘οΈπŸ’¦βš‘οΈ Mark

  176. The thin Red Line

  177. great weekend Rebs

  178. Only men own bollocks

  179. @kath you need to buy a lightbulb

  180. watched “one flew over cuckoos nest” other night, haven’t seen in years. πŸ‘

  181. @Mr_Ed_B great movie

  182. @That_Ronald_guy The tree of life

  183. @PatternsOnWalls yes. Nicholson great

  184. Marijuana is the Tree.

  185. is this adult chat XXX ?

  186. Are over 18 ? get the Fuck over it.

  187. good graphics πŸ‘

  188. pre school is not here tonight.

  189. @quinn_kath hi kath

  190. Welcome @Onrit_Waj !

  191. Simon thanks for Hank Williams movie trailer!

  192. @quinn_kath no I’m shy tonight

  193. i am always shy mr ed

  194. Thanks for joining @Onrit_Waj !

  195. trekkies llap πŸ––

  196. My dog hates Trump

  197. The repubs mike kick him off there list

  198. later ash Simon kath Mark rest

  199. what!? Ashley u need to see inside out

  200. I’m gonna try to take my daughter sun to see the good dinosaur

  201. ok my app crashed, but I should hop off anyhow

  202. have a good night, guys!

  203. @quinn_kath what happened

  204. this music is so soothing

  205. its from Gone Girl

  206. it really is! a great film though

  207. you cvant hear me right?

  208. you need to go into voicemeeter

  209. ill take you through each voicemeeter setting

  210. can you hear me

  211. i dont hear anything now

  212. it does actually look pretty good

  213. can yopu hear me

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