About us



I am Mark Dupuis and i will be your guide to help bring your Superheros to life!

Before the website was active or design services started, I worked at a movie theater and more and more Superhero movies were being made, so I started creating costumes for the Movie promotions at the theater that led into researching how to make a spider man Dye Sublimation suit but i never followed through with it.

Fast forward a couple years they announced “Amazing spider man” movie  I knew I needed to create something, so I found a great community of prop makers and started posting progress pictures, more and more people kept asking about purchasing the design. at this time I didn’t think anything of it, then I received the greatest news that i was going to be a dad !

So I came up with a name “4neodesigns” as way for me to help pay the bills for the birth of my son Neo and that is how this fun journey began.

Below is a list of types of Dye sub designs I have helped create

Custom designed heroes

Movie style designs

Mixed Martial Arts gear

Cartoon / animated designs

Designed a new pattern easier to sew and adjust to individuals sizes.


I was raised to treat others as you want to be treated. at 4 Neo designs you can always count on me to do the right thing. I only work with honest people, if I find that any of my clients are scamming, stealing, bullying other in this amazing community. then i no longer will sell , collaborate, or communicate with someone like that.


Hard work



4neodesigns team