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Welcome to 4 Neo Designs!

Our Story

Hello there! Welcome, nice of you to stop by. 


My name is Mark Dupuis and I am here to help bring your dreams of being a Superhero to life! 

Before taking on this adventure, I managed a movie theatre and noticed that Comic Book heroes on the big screen were gaining popularity with audiences. Something I enjoyed doing at our theatre was going big on movie promotions! 


I began creating costumes for these promotions which led to researching how to make a Spider-Man Dye Sublimation suit. I wasn’t able to make the suit then but the idea stuck with me.

Mark Dupuis and Mandy Dupuis
Mark Dupuis

When Amazing Spider-Man was announced, I knew it was my time to finally go for it! I shared my costume design progress with a great online community of costume creators. To my surprise, I began receiving requests for the design! Timing is everything and around that same time, we were expecting our second child.  


My wife would need to miss a good chunk of work and we were worried about finances. I took a huge leap of faith and with my wife’s loving support, decided to go for it. I would start a Dye Sub Costume Pattern business to help cover our expenses during her maternity leave. 

Mark Dupuis
IMG 0726

Our baby was born and the business successfully kept us
afloat as we bonded with our new son, Neo.

That is why we decided to go with the name, “4NeoDesigns“.

This year marks our 10 year anniversary of 4NeoDesigns!
We appreciate everyone who has purchased from us and
those who have proudly worn our patterns to Cons all over the world.
We love seeing you guys out there having a blast and bumping into you at Cons. 


There are some exciting ideas ahead for 4NeoDesigns and we are looking forward the next 10 years!

IMG 5845
IMG 5120 e1656554268107

My wife, Mandy, and I have been married for 13 years and have two sons and a daughter.


We live in the Houston area. In our family, fun is #1 so we truly enjoy the
cosplay scene and love going to conventions together.
The family that plays together, stays together! 


Below is a list of types of Dye Sub projects I have worked on:

Custom designed heroes

Movie style designs

Mixed Martial Arts gear

Cartoon / animated designs


Designed a pattern easier to sew and adjust to individuals

IMG 2092


I was raised to treat others as you want to be treated.
At 4NeoDesigns, you can count on being treated fairly.
I strive to work with honest people. If I find that any of my clients are
scamming, stealing, or bullying others in this amazing community,
then I will no longer will sell, collaborate, or communicate with them.

Honesty   Hard Work   Dedication

4NeoDesigns Team


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