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  1. Guest reviews from @hannaherg @spencer_handley @th3ch1ck1 @typicallaura83

  2. hannah@hannaherg

  3. @hannaherg test

  4. Welcome @mistermr1971 !

  5. Hey @mistermr1971 !

  6. Thanks for joining @mistermr1971 !

  7. Hey @mistermr1971 !

  8. Never saw it, & Mike’s review is making me not want to watch it

  9. does Maggie G. show her boobs at all?

  10. Anyone’s cam working ? blank screen

  11. @That_Ronald_guy haha mikes is

  12. Forgot my cam at work, and Simins broke

  13. @blacktexasmike Straight Outta Blab

  14. mystery men was bad. ben stiller is like adam sandler anything he touches blows

  15. Exorcist still holds up as one the best scary movies

  16. what kind of movie guy…never saw goodwill hunting

  17. there is no Dana

  18. dude that movie is terrible and nick cage did a remake i think

  19. I can name more than 10 things i hate, about the movie 10 things i hate about you

  20. Tom Scientology Cruse

  21. Every time Mike Vapes…I take a hoot

  22. @That_Ronald_guy thats awesome

  23. i toot as well

  24. The Little Mermaid Hooker


  26. Romcom during the forefront of romcom era

  27. I like the romantic hooker story in Leaving Las Vegas better

  28. I wish they’d do justice to Mortal Kombat in a movie

  29. the director was a ” happy” tv director, he did all the 70’s tv shows. he was put in to “happy the movie” up. before he came in the move had vivian a drug addicted hooker who got dumped in the end. DVD commentaries are fun. and yes im a nerd

  30. dude the village wasnt that good.. but i think its one of Shamalammanamanns best movies

  31. The Village, you can only watch once

  32. i ate his liver with some fava beans and nice chiante

  33. catch me if you can has commentary with the real person the movie was made wbout fyi good stuff

  34. Babadok is on Netflix now

  35. Contact is like Tryptophan

  36. jodie fosters voice in that movie is like mushmouth for some reason her accent comes through somuch for some reason in it

  37. can you milk a cat?

  38. That’s amovie.

  39. can you milk a cat greg?

  40. reloaded chase scene was one of the best ever

  41. ben stiller is horrible

  42. i like him as the janitor on the set

  43. best movie he ever did was Cable Guy

  44. Filmed on Vegas freeway, i think

  45. how bout a glass of shut the hell up


  47. Christmas lights!

  48. and the worst indy movie


  50. Temple of doom was the first pg-13 movie

  51. so it was temple of boom boom on set?

  52. Wasn’t married to Kate Kapsaw?

  53. in the indy timeline…the movie takes place first

  54. Last Crusade was amazing.

  55. Indiana Jones movies always make Nazis seem likable

  56. ToD is clearly not the best indy movie

  57. rating and ticket sales alone

  58. Thanks for joining @adriannemunk !

  59. @adriannemunk welcome!

  60. I tapped a few props, don’t know why its giving mike a million of them

  61. 1977 Roxy theatre Regina ,Sask

  62. I don’t have a cam

  63. Star Wars on the big screen

  64. Hey @adriannemunk !

  65. make me cohost

  66. its nicole, hes not here

  67. he went to the store

  68. My friend saw it 11 times on the 1st weekend.. he hid in the men’s room.

  69. @That_Ronald_guy was that for the remastered version in 1997 or the original?


  71. It was shown 4 times a day back then too.

  72. @jayteebee welcome!

  73. Sorry Mike for all those props, it was a glitch. .i left bcuz I felt gay

  74. @smokinjoeromano its all good, the broken props thing is a known issue

  75. good chat Man. Thanks !

  76. I am awesome. Yes I was.

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