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  1. not much, just finished watching some guy bomb hard at flirting haha.

  2. what is that you’re listening to?

  3. nice, that’s what’s up

  4. comic saber tooth. definitely dig dub step myself

  5. the animated series had a good run. Gambit was my favorite

  6. yeah, not bad, it’s Saturday lol. just checked out this movie the secret of jells

  7. oh nice, that’s awesome.

  8. have been busy trying to keep up with flash and arrow

  9. yes, that might pan out to be a really awesome show

  10. yes, thank you for reminding me. I need an awesome symbiote suit. I do watch Gotham

  11. the first instance of the black suit

  12. haven’t caught super girl yet, have heard mixed reviews about it

  13. Peter Parker Spectacular Spiderman

  14. is it up on your site?

  15. I wonder what it’s worth now lol

  16. the movie screwed up venom

  17. not even remotely how mcfarland showed him

  18. It was a corporate spinoff lol

  19. I heard a rumor that venom may come back

  20. marvel is disney now right

  21. maybe that’s better, they did credit to star wars

  22. now they’ve been doing some good stuff

  23. right on, let me grab my water real quick

  24. just saying hi! going to sleep

  25. hahah I know but I drove to KY to see my fam

  26. I have been hanging with my bro and Ma the last couple days

  27. she tilts her head and squints

  28. nice to meet you Michael

  29. ok now I gotta go to bed

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